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Google's Bakery Square offices named one of top cool tech spaces in the country

While Google has cool offices everywhere, the Pittsburgh office in Bakery Square was cited as one of the top 15 cool tech spaces in the country. Here's a tour in a photo slide show.

What Pittsburgh can teach Buffalo

Why has Pittsburgh been far more successful than other similar cities such as Buffalo? Two reasons, cites the author. "First, there is a serious, multi-entity commitment in Pittsburgh to stimulating, mentoring, and promoting new enterprises, and it has been going on for more than a dozen years. Second, there is total focus of new public inputs into the historic crossroads of the region, i.e., into downtown Pittsburgh."

For Pittsburgh, being a Wallflower to the economic party has its perks

President Obama arrives in Pittsburgh this week, for the fifth time in recent memory, and movies like "Perks of Being a Wallflower" film and go. Why is Pittsburgh always in the middle of filming a movie while everyone else in the country is worrying about jobs?

Read it in Neon Tommy, Annenberg Digital News.

Luke Skurman's Business Bout down to six finalists and the Baller BBQ XIV

The Business Bout is down to the wire, the final boxing match between six finalists at the BBQ Baller XIV this Saturday, Oct. 1st from  3 to 10 p.m. Live performances by Paul Luc, Guaracha Latin Band, and D.J. Zan.

Who will it be? Tickets are nearly sold out! Check out the final six. on  YouTube.

VIA Music & New Media Fest is coming, among the top 10 festivals in the world

The VIA Music & New Media Fest, which blows into Pittsburgh Oct. 5-9, moved up in the rankings as one of the best music festivals in the country to #5. 

Read it in Resident Advisor.

CMU receives $265 million, one of the largest pledges in history

Carnegie Mellon University received one of the most generous gifts ever bestowed upon a school of learning this week when William Dietrich, the former chairman of Dietrich Industries Inc., a supplier of steel building materials, donated 
$265 million to the Oakland university.

Read it in the Associated Press

White House names ModCloth's Susan Koger a Champion of Change

Ordinary Americans accomplishing extraordinary things is what "Champions of Change" is all about. ModCloth founder Susan Koger shook President Obama's hand this month at the White House, accepting an honor that recognizes Americans each week who are out innovating in their fields.

Read it on Above Average Jane and the White House Blog.

Three Pittsburgh firms make the Inc 500 fastest-growing list

Three Pittsburgh companies made the 2011 Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies: Precision Therapeutics, Independent Catalyst and Urban Lending Solutions. 

Check out the Inc. 500 list.

DeepLocal wins Ad Age 2012 Small Ad Agency of the Year Award

It's not size that matters, but talent and intelligence, says Ad Age in describing the winners of the 2012 Ad Age Small Agency Awards. DeepLocal does it again, taking claim to the best small ad agency in the Northeast. 

"...this band of hackers, artists and musicians turn out projects for marketers and other agencies that are nothing short of mind-blowing," says Ad Age. We agree!

Read it in AdAge.

DeepLocal does it again with a bicycle that listens to your brain

Imagine a bike that can read your mind and shift gears automatically while you peddle. That's the idea behind the Prius X Parlee, a concept bicycle being built by a Parlee Cycles as part of Toyota's Pruis Projects campaign. Behind the thought-control interface, a helmet with neurotransmitters that picks up the thought waves of the biker, is none other that Pittsburgh's own DeepLocal. We're not surprised.

Read it in CNET NEWS.

Deeplocal's culture of controlled chaos pays off

The deviant, break-all-the-rules culture that Nathan Martin has created in East Liberty has won the golden ticket in terms of success, attracting companies like Nike, Toyota and the National Geographic Channel, to name but a few. They're doing a darn good job attracting national media attention too...

Read it in Forbes.

CMU professor Manuela Veloso gets by with a little help from her CoBot

Carnegie Mellon University professor of computer science and Robotics Institute member Manuela Veloso is the developer of the CoBot--a sleek robot that you may soon be able to hire for all your personal assistance needs.  The self-navigating CoBots might not be able to fill your iced coffee, what with their lack of opposable thumbs, but they can adapt to human availability and new environments.  Plus, they will never give you attitude like your human secretary...at least not until they develop sentience and go Kurzweild!

Click here to read the entire article.

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PA Tourism rolls out summer campaign with Foursquare as a focus

PA Tourism is conducting a summer-long campaign with the Foursquare, the location as a centerpiece.. Intended to attract young road-trippers and casual tourists to over 100 different hot spots and areas of interest, like Squirrel Hill's Dozen Cupcakes Bakery, in Pittsburgh and beyond, the  "Fantastic Road-Trip-O-Matic" provides a boon to the wanderlust-stricken tourist who doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg on plane tickets.

To read the entire article click here

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Pitt ranked 18th in the nation among "Tech's 29 Most Powerful Colleges"

The University of Pittsburgh has been ranked 18th in the nation among "Tech's 29 Most Powerful Colleges," according to The Daily Beast.

For the ranking, The Daily Beast researched the leadership of more than 100 tech companies -- including all those among the Fortune 500 plus startups in the TechCrunch 50 list and the tech category of Technology Review's Most Innovative Companies list -- and then "analyzed the biographies of the companies' CEOs and other top executives... to tabulate their undergraduate alma maters. Schools that produced multiple executives in our universe of companies made the first cut in our analysis."

In its write-up on Pitt, The Daily Beast singles out Pitt's Technology Commercialization Alliance (TCA) as a "Tech Feature" and undergraduate alumni Robert K. Henry (ENGR '69), executive vice president and chief operating officer of Harris Corporation in Melbourne, Fla., and Ted W. Schremp (A&S '93), executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Charter Communications in St. Louis, Mo., as "Notable Alums."

Read the complete Daily Beast article.

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36 Innovation Articles | Page: | Show All
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