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Who's hiring in PGH? Expedient, Mind Over Media and more!

So you need a job? Each week, Pop City brings you exciting job opportunities in Pittsburgh. If you have a job opportunity to list, email innovationnews@popcitymedia.com with "hiring" in the subject line. Let us know on Twitter @popcitypgh if we've helped you snag the job of your dreams.

If you are a veteran and interested in working in the energy sector, Service to Opportunity (STO), a new website and initiative of the Allegheny Conference, goes live on Nov. 10 and can connect you with thousands of in-demand jobs in energy and advanced manufacturing in the Pittsburgh region.

Mind Over Media, a Pittsburgh-based marketing and communications firm with nationwide clients, is hiring a full-service graphic designer to work on campaigns and art direct video shoots. Candidates should have between two and five years of experience designing at an advertising/creative/web agency, marketing firm, news or lifestyle website or magazine or similar. Proficiency with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and other standard graphic design software is a must. Applicants should be able to think both creatively and strategically and should be ready for multi-media work. Please submit cover letter, resume, and work samples (including at least two samples of live website work) to jobs@mindovermedia.com

The Kingsley Center, a community resource center complete with recreational activities, is looking for a family development specialist with a degree in early childhood development or social work to work with families on goals and planning. The ideal candidate has excellent communication skills, experience conducting groups, a current Pennsylvania driver’s license and access to a car, and Act 22/34 and FBI clearances. 

Expedient Data Centers, a provider of cutting-edge technology backup and data management solutions, is hiring a product manager to plan and develop new products and to be the go-to person for information about already created products. This collaborative and technical position requires an understanding of advanced computer architecture and the product development lifecycle in a technology environment. They are also looking for a network engineer to build out, augment, and maintain the backbone of connectivity services within and between various data centers and a director of sales to develop sales strategies, identify strategic partnerships and prepare sales forecasts while training and managing a team of outside salespeople. This position will require a significant amount of travel.

The Career Development Center of Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Pittsburgh will hold a career fair with Macy’s on Nov. 19 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the CDC offices at 5743 Bartlett St. in Squirrel Hill. The fair will offer retail opportunities in sales, visual merchandising, administrative support and more. Macy’s of Ross Park Mall, Robinson and Monroeville are among the hiring locations. Those wishing to attend the career fair must register in advance by calling 412-586-3728.    
And if these jobs aren't enough, check out last week's listings for more opportunities! 

Who's hiring in PGH? Quantum Theatre, Sprout Fund, Simcoach Games and more

So you need a job? Each week, Pop City brings you exciting job opportunities in Pittsburgh. If you have a job opportunity to list, email innovationnews@popcitymedia.com with "hiring" in the subject line. Let us know on Twitter @popcitypgh if we've helped you snag the job of your dreams.

Management Science Associates, an information management and software company, is looking for a Senior Application Analyst who specializes in User Experience for Mobile and the Internet. This person should have at least four years of experience with application analysis and user interface design, or experience in a related position. Candidates should be very familiar with one or more of the following tools: SQL, Expression Blend or .Net for prototyping, data manipulation functions, or Visio (the flowcharting tool). So if you understand any of that, this job may be for you.

If you are a fan of drama, Quantum Theatre is hiring a full-time technical director to build sets safely and artistically. The position requires extensive knowledge in scenic construction and rigging, strong carpentry skills and the ability to read and understand technical drafting. You should also be familiar with computer programs used to run the theater. So, if you are a builder with a love of the arts and technical skills, this could be the perfect position for you. 

The Sprout Fund, an organization that provides small grants to Pittsburgh-based community projects, is looking for a full-time program assistant to help with grant-making activities and outreach and promotion. The ideal candidate would be able to work a flexible schedule and have an interest in working with diverse communities to create change in Pittsburgh. This position would support the senior program officer.

You can play games at work if you work for Simcoach Games, creators of game-based training products. The company is looking for a marketing director to focus on lead generation for its sales team and direct social media and public relations. They are also looking for a game designer with between one and three years of relevant experience and familiarity with videogame development tools. Finally, Simcoach needs a game developer who knows programming languages and is able to work as part of a cross functional team, and a senior software engineer who will be responsible for designing, building and maintaining the frameworks and back-end technologies that support Simcoach Games’ product development.

And Bricolage, a theater company known for its innovative work, is looking for a marketing and communications manager to perform a variety of functions including planning and budgeting, audience engagement, sales and marketing and press and media relations. It's a big job, but it may be perfect for you.

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is looking for a director of communications with excellent judgment in handling sensitive issues to develop candid, straightforward messages. The ideal candidate will have 5 to 7 years of hands-on, professional experience in communications, public relations and publications and more than four years of supervisory/management experience. 

And if these jobs aren't enough, check out last week's listings for more opportunities! 

Carnegie Mellon professor explores facial preference

An old adage warns against judging a book by its cover, but Carnegie Mellon University Marketing Professor Chris Olivola has found that important decisions are often swayed by facial preference, or "face-ism" as he calls it. And the implications aren't good -- unless your face is a real winner.

Various studies have found universal preferences for certain types of faces, leading to bias when it comes to being elected, getting promoted, being trusted and assuming leadership positions. In court cases, judges often instruct jurors to pay attention to the demeanor of each witness, plaintiff and defendant, and Olivola suggests justice is not blind. Face-based bias exists in the legal realm as well. 

"When it comes to making legal judgments, decisions should be based on facts, not on people’s appearances," Olivola said. 

In their research, Olivola and Alexander Todorov found people were more likely to rely on their interpretation of someone's face to determine character traits or even sexual orientation than they were likely to rely on logic. "People are better than chance at guessing things about other people, but seeing faces makes them worse off than they would have been." Olivola explains that even in situations where there is a known factor-- for example: people who are LGBT represent a minority group-- viewers would keep guessing that the people they were looking at were not heterosexual. 

"When people are given appearances they place too much weight on that and neglect other information that may serve them better," Olivola said.

So how can you use your looks to best serve you? According to Olivola, if you are a man, having a more mature and more masculine look can help win elections, "above and beyond how competent a person is and their voting practice," he said. For women, things are not so simple: Looking more masculine can be good, but if you look too masculine it can backfire, he said.

Olivola's aim isn't to game the system, but to make people aware of subconscious preferences and encourage people to judge individuals based upon merit. In a world in which we make more facial first impressions than we are aware of -- think online dating sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tinder profiles -- Olivola warns against dismissing people based upon facial appearances alone. After all, there's another old adage to remember: "Judge not, that ye be not judged." 

Dream Cream: Ice cream on a mission

Ice cream is everyone's favorite dessert, regardless of the temperature outside. Dream Cream Ice Cream in Downtown Pittsburgh has all the flavors you need -- and it's for a good cause. 

According to founder Thomas Jamison, Dream Cream has sold over 100 different flavors of ice cream and used the profits to give back $60,000 to various causes since its inception. "We like to say that we don't sell ice cream, we sell dreams," said Jamison. When you buy ice cream in the shop, you are immediately congratulated for your philanthropy and feel even better than you would normally feel buying ice cream. Jamison said he liked ice cream as a product because it already creates a great feeling: "It ties into what we are trying to do," he said. "It just makes you feel good."

The projects funded by Dream Cream range from personal passions-- a filmmaker wants a new camera to make that special movie-- to funding for baseball teams that need uniforms. "The litmus test is does it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside," said Jamison. "If you want a Ferrari, I may not be able to help you, but if you want to fix your car so that you and your daughter can drive down to the Army base to greet your husband when he comes home, then we might be able to work with you," Jamison said.

Dreamers wishing to have their projects funded by Dream Cream can apply on the company's website and select their favorite flavor. A percentage of the profits from the dreamer's chosen flavor are put toward funding his or her particular project for one month. When I went to Dream Cream, I ordered the pumpkin and the popcorn flavors. Both were delicious and each funded a different cause. Jamison said each cause has associated volunteers who work in the shop to keep overhead low, allowing him to donate 25 percent of the shop's profits to charity. 

The business started three years ago as a popup shop, thanks to Project Pop Up Pittsburgh and an idea that came to Jamison during a stint of unemployment. "How do you create a steady stream of money to help people," Jamison wondered at the time. He decided that he needed to have a product that appealed to all demographics. "And ice cream is one of those things that people always want to buy…it’s withstood the test of time," he said. 

After leaving the banking industry, Jamison said he cashed in his 401K and used it to fix up the shop. He will be running a Kickstarter campaign in the spring to fund future renovations and hopes to expand the Dream Cream concept beyond the city limits. "We want to be a Pittsburgh-based company that touches many people across the country," Jamison said, "We believe with milk, sugar and a profit we will change the world." 

Check out the video below to see Dream Cream in action.

Dream Cream is located at 539 Liberty Avenue.
Winter Hours: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday through Friday
Summer Hours: 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. Monday through Sunday

Jamison said Dream Cream's ice cream in hot chocolate is a big hit in the winter months.

Whistl: Smartphone case uses technology to fend off assault

From nail polish that detects roofies to hard-to-remove undergarments, inventors of all types-- including some here in Pittsburgh-- are using their creativity to fend off sexual assault.

A group of Carnegie Mellon University engineering students formed a company called LifeShel and created Whistl, a phone case that is also an alarm aimed at combating sexual assault. They invented the device after one of their friends fell victim. The case fights back against would-be attackers by deploying a powerful alarm system while calling 911 and loved ones and recording whatever criminal action may be occurring.

The inventors have turned to Kickstarter to fund their project, which already has the support of start-up funder AlphaLab.

“As a survivor of attempted sexual assault, I know what it’s like to feel very alone and unsafe,” said Leah Yingling, LifeShel’s Director of Community Relations in a news release. “I was a college student, on my afternoon run, and all I had on me was my phone. I feel safer now having the Whistl there when I need it, to help me where I am, and to call for help with the click of a button.”

The case performs many of the same functions apps can perform, but without the same start-up lag time, according to LifeSchel Chief Operating Officer Alan Fu. "With other apps you have to unlock the phone and find the app, and when you are in a panic scenario, your brain can't work fast enough for that. You don't even have to look at your phone to engage the LifeSchel app," Fu said. In addition to allowing for blaring alarms, Fu said the product also has stealth mode so that users can activate it without an attacker knowing. "We launched a 15-unit test at CMU last month," Fu said, adding that many users became reliant on the app for security.

With two clicks of a button, Whistl strobes a blinding 90 lumen LED light and sounds an alarm at 120 decibels-- which is as loud as being front row at a rock concert, the creators say. The device sends a 911 alert and notifies loved ones through a group SMS message and also activates protective video and audio recording.

A limited number of Whistl smartphone cases will be available for an early-bird price of $57 through the Kickstarter campaign and cases for iPhone 5/5s/6 will ship in Summer 2015, with Galaxy S and HTC One series cases expected to ship soon after. The company has also created a LifeShel app that is free and will be available on the iPhone in the Summer 2015, followed by an Android release.

Every two minutes in the United States, someone is sexually assaulted, according to data provided by the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network. Fu said the company hopes to combat this problem, but added the app could be used in a variety of situations including "in the office space or even in cabs or in Uber or Lyft for driver safety. It also could definitely be used by the elderly because we have simplified the interaction," Fu said, citing the two-button operation.

To find out more about Whistl, visit http://www.lifeshel.com/

Who's hiring in Pittsburgh? Visit Pittsburgh, Market Street Grocery, Pitt and more!

You can find a job! Each week, Pop City brings you exciting job opportunities in Pittsburgh. If you have a job opportunity to list, email innovationnews@popcitymedia.com with "hiring" in the subject line. Let us know on Twitter @popcitypgh if we've helped you snag the job of your dreams.

If you live in Pittsburgh, it shouldn't be hard for you to think of 100 reasons people need to visit this amazing place. Visit Pittsburgh is hiring a digital marketing coordinator to spread the Pittsburgh gospel by managing social media and the Visit Pittsburgh website, aimed at promoting the city. In addition to being a good writer, the ideal candidate should have graphic design skills and be able to update websites. The right candidate will be well-versed in web analytics and be able to drive traffic to the site. Duties include driving to and from various events as needed.

Other people's trash can be your treasure-- or at least your livelihood if you decide to apply for a job at Sequoia Waste Solutions. The technology-based solutions company, which focuses on improving waste disposal and recycling for commercial businesses, educational institutions and municipal organizations across the United States, is looking for a sales executive to cold call and generate business leads. This position is both salary and commission based. So, if you could sell wood to a tree, this might be the job for you.

Market Street Grocery, a new upscale store in Downtown, is looking for an executive chef to direct the food preparation process and recipe creation for all aspects of the Market Street location, including off-site catering. The chef should have ambition and vision, and be excited to participate in the initial stages of the store's development. The candidate should have a track record of success in reaching goals while competing in a tough retail environment and ideally, experience in opening retail, grocery, or restaurant operations. The grocery is also looking for a general manager to market the business and work with the executive chef to execute the vision for the store. This person should have prior experience as a manager within a grocery or food service setting. Interested candidates may email resumes and cover letters to david1@marketstreetgrocery.com

Do you like to write biographies? Have you always wanted to be a profiler for the FBI? The University of Pittsburgh is looking for someone to keep up-to-date information about potential donors in the form of biographies. The biographical research officer will work in the office of institutional advancement and use research skills to create profiles of potential donors and prepare "shirt pocket notes" for university officials to reference. Should have a bachelor's degree and experience writing in a professional setting. You can be the undercover brains behind the fundraising operation! 

Schell Games, a video game design company, is hiring for a variety of positions, including a 3D World Builder/Environment Artist, a Game UI/UX Artist/Designer or Project Art Director/Assistant Manager, and Game Designer. Or, if you work in engineering and want to be an Engineering Manager or Gameplay Programmer, check out the company and throw your hat into the ring.

And if these jobs aren't enough, check out last week's listings for more opportunities! 

Who's hiring in PGH? MedRespond, Point Park University and more

Days are getting shorter, but don't let that discourage you from finding the job of your dreams. Each week, Pop City brings you exciting job opportunities in Pittsburgh. If you have a job opportunity to list, email innovationnews@popcitymedia.com with "hiring" in the subject line. Let us know on Twitter @popcitypgh if we've helped you snag the job of your dreams.

This week, MedRespond is looking for scriptwriters to author educational video scripts based on interviews with medical professionals. A complete video may last four hours and contain 200 conversations. Turnaround time is expected to be quick and medical military experience is a plus. Submit resume and writing sample to careers@medrespond.com.

The Kelly Strayhorn Theater is hiring for a number of positions, including development director, executive assistant/project manager, front of house staff and operations associate and program manager. Experience varies depending upon position, which range from entry level to high level, with both part-time and full-time opportunities. Located in East Liberty, the theater provides a variety of cultural programing throughout the year.

THE PROGRAM for Offenders, a nonprofit organization that provides residential alternatives to incarceration, inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment and a range of support services to offenders, is looking for therapists to work on a full-time or part-time basis with the population it serves. Applicants should have a master's degree in a related field and experience providing behavioral health treatment. Applicants must be able to obtain current FBI, Act 33 and 34 clearances. Clinicians approved by the Pennsylvania Certification Board are preferred.

Point Park University is hiring a full-time tenure-track Assistant Professor of Special Education to teach courses in both the undergraduate and graduate program. The college is also looking for a full-time tenure-track Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Technology to work with undergraduates and an Assistant Professor of Information Technology for a full-time tenure-track position teaching both graduates and undergraduates. Administrative positions and two adjunct positions in the humanities are also available. 

A number of positions are available at Chatham University, including Archivist & Public Services Librarian and various administrative support positions. However, since dates for the postings are not listed, call the university before applying. Who knows, you may even learn about as-yet unlisted position. 

And, if this week's job opportunities aren't enough, check out what we posted last week.

Community Supported Arts at the New Hazlett Theater

The term CSA may bring to mind seasonal fruits and vegetables delivered in boxes to eager subscribers. But the New Hazlett Theater has cleverly co-opted the Community Supported Agriculture acronym and model to produce programming by Community Supported Artists, allowing patrons to buy a share in productions for $100 per person for the 2014-15 season.

The program offers an innovative way for patrons of the arts to support work of local artists they may love, and many they may not yet have discovered. 

"Traditional CSA shareholders don't know exactly what produce they'll receive," said Rene Conrad, executive director of the New Hazlett Theater. "But they're certain it will be high-quality. The same holds true for our series."

This month, dancer and choreographer Moriah Ella Mason proved Conrad right, premiering her extremely capable work "Contained" created specifically for the program. "Contained" featured live musical accompaniment created for the piece and eight female dancers, including herself, performing movements derived from their explorations of animal behavior. Mason, who graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2009, said the production was her first professional performance with lighting, scenic and costume professionals. The production had an impressive multi-floor scaffolding set designed by Karen Glass, far more ambitious than many dance sets, which often consist of a simple backdrop. 

Each New Hazlett "shareholder" this year receives six fresh productions, including dance, music, theater and performance art while projects chosen to be part of the CSA series receive financial support. Performers wishing to have their work considered for next year's lineup may apply for consideration beginning November 1. The next CSA production is a performance piece by Jennifer Myers on December 12. If you are not a shareholder, tickets to individual productions can be purchased online

Get to know these 5 Pittsburgh job search sites

Readers often ask how we find the jobs listed on Pop City. Many of them are emailed to us, but others are hand-picked just for you. Now, you can have as many resources as possible to score your dream job in Pittsburgh.

1. NonProfit Talent http://jobs.nonprofittalent.com. This site lists employment and volunteer opportunities in the non-profit sector. Positions range from full time to part time, and experience levels vary. You can see how many viewers have also looked at each individual job posting; the site also provides the date each job was listed, so that you don't find yourself throwing your resume at an old job that's already filled.

2. City of Pittsburgh https://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/employmentcenter/JobListings.aspx. Ever wondered how all those neon-coated crossing guards got hired? This website may provide a clue! Working for the city is a great option for people in a variety of fields and this site lists city jobs that often hire en masse. The site lists the last day when applications are accepted and also specifies whether an exam is required for the position.

2. Pittsburgh Technology Council http://pghcareerconnector.com/jobs/ If you work in technology (or want to), this site has a number of jobs that you might be interested in. It also features a map of tech companies where you may want to send your resume. 

3. Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh http://www.carnegiemuseums.org/interior.php?pageID=12. For the arts and science types, the Carnegie Museums job site provides access to job openings at the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History as well as openings at The Andy Warhol Museum and the Carnegie Science Center. 

4. Pittsburgh Public Schools Jobs https://ats4.searchsoft.net/ats/app_login?COMPANY_ID=00014077. If you've ever wanted to work in a school, use this site to find a job. You can be a teacher, if you are qualified, or you can apply for various support positions. If you want a job at a school outside of Pittsburgh, PAEducator.net https://www.paeducator.net/MarketingHome.aspx lists jobs in a variety of area schools.

5. National sites to check out: www.indeed.com is a job listing aggregator that allows for multiple keyword searches. And of course, check out http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org, where you can search for a job by keyword or desired field. 

If you are looking for general resources (or a library job), check out the Carnegie Library's website http://www.carnegielibrary.org/research/jobsedu/jobs/pittsburgh.cfm 

And if higher education is your thing, we have a post listing our favorite local university job sites and why we love them.

Ok, one more tip, courtesy of LifeHacker -- it's almost magical: If you want to find a job at one of those companies that use applicant tracking systems such as Brassring or Taleo, go to www.google.com and conduct an advanced search of either site. In the advanced search, search only taleo.net (for example) and then enter whatever job you are looking for as the keyword. Results beyond your wildest dreams will usually appear. You can also search by location if you so desire. 

Now that we've shared our job search methods with you, feel free tweet @popcitypgh and let us know if we've missed anything! What are your favorite sites and search methods?

Who's hiring in Pittsburgh? Small Farm Central, Tech Shop and more

Each week, Pop City brings you exciting job opportunities in Pittsburgh. If you have a job opportunity to list, email innovationnews@popcitymedia.com, with "hiring" in the subject line. Let us know on Twitter @popcitypgh if we've helped you snag the job of your dreams.

If you've ever thought about working in support of small farmers, now you can. Small Farm Central is looking for an off-hours farmer success specialist to work as part of a small team that handles the technology needs of small farmers. The organization provides websites, e-commerce, and CSA member management tools to about 800 farms across the United States and Canada. It also helps farmers sell more at farmers markets by creating stronger relationships between market customers and their farmers. The job entails supporting farmer customers by phone, chat, and over email. Candidates must be available during evening hours and on Saturdays for at least four hours. Time can be flexible to some extent, but they need someone available between 12 p.m. and 9 p.m., 4 days per week and between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Applicants should be well-versed in technology as they will need to master the software the company uses in order to support customers. Email cover letter, resume in PDF format, and one example of how you helped someone else succeed to work@smallfarmcentral.com with the email subject line “Farms Rock!”

If hands-on work is your thing, Verve 360, a salon and wellness center in downtown Pittsburgh, is looking for a full-time licensed massage therapist with at least three years of experience. Interested applicants should be high quality and highly motivated. Email cover letter and resume to info@theverve360.com for consideration.

If you want to help women in need, the Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh is looking for a full-time advocate to answer hotline calls and work in its emergency domestic violence shelter on a variable schedule. A bachelor’s degree in social services or related field is required and fluency in another language is preferred. The applicant must have Act 33 and 34 clearances. Salary will be in the mid-$20,000 range with benefits. Email cover letter and resume by 10/24/14 to lainga@wcspittsburgh.org

Tech Shop, a full-service workshop complete with a wood shop and 3-D printers, is looking for full- and part-time dream consultants to help patrons use the shop to weld and saw and build all sorts of things. The job is perfect for artists, builders or skilled hobbyists who want to work in a creative environment. Salary will range from $10 to $14 per hour.

And if you can't get enough of 3-D printing, Maker-Bot, a company that puts 3-D printers in retail stores, is looking for someone to help customers operate the printer. "If you are an outgoing techie who wants to be a part of an expanding, exciting company, this is your chance to be a part of the Next Industrial Revolution with MakerBot," the company writes. Applicants should have between one and two years experience in retail and a strong interest in technology.

And, the University of Pittsburgh is looking for an assistant professor of cultural anthropology to fill a tenure-track position. The applicant's research should address the intersection of two or more of the following: medical anthropology; science and technology studies; environment and sustainability; and ethics, beliefs and religion. The university prefers candidates who study Latin America and Asia, particularly East Asia. Duties will include teaching university-level classes and will begin in September 2015. To apply, submit CV and information for three references by Nov. 6 in the link provided above. The university will assist with relocation costs. 


Who's hiring in PGH? The Scoring Factory, Early Music America and more

Each week, Pop City brings you exciting job opportunities in Pittsburgh. If you have a job opportunity to list, email innovationnews@popcitymedia.com, with "hiring" in the subject line. Let us know @popcitypgh on Twitter if we've helped you snag the job of your dreams.

The Scoring Factory, a Pittsburgh-based start-up, is looking for an iO6 app developer to build a basketball training platform that connects coaches and athletes. The app would serve various functions including tracking workouts and providing feedback. They're looking for someone who wants to work at the intersection of sports and technology. Submit resume with examples of past work to jmarschn@tepper.cmu.edu.

Phipps Conservatory still has a number of job openings, including: communications coordinator and director of communications and a Studio Phipps manager to lead a fee/mission-based sustainable design and consulting team to extend Phipps’ mission beyond the Schenley Park campus. They are also looking for a gift shop coordinator, building maintenance technician, an executive secretary, an IT manager, an event sales supervisor and an event sales administrator. These positions are all full-time. The conservatory is also looking to hire part-time guest service associates and a part-time event assistant.

Early Music America, an organization focused on expanding awareness of and interest in the music of the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods, is looking for a marketing and public relations director. This person would be responsible for managing ad sales for the organization's magazine, among other responsibilities. 

The Pittsburgh CLO, a not-for-profit cultural organization dedicated to the preservation, creation and promotion of American musical theater, is looking for a theater professional to manage the production elements of its performances, primarily at three theaters and to assist with the management of its building, storage and rental of sets, props and costumes. The Production Manager and Assistant Construction Center Manager will work to ensure that the organization’s theatrical production standards are successfully integrated and maintained. Applicants should have between three and five years' experience. 

GPSA, a family-owned screen printing shop in Millvale, is looking for a screen printing artist to work in the shop. The artist would work in the family business using machines to create artwork. The artist should be proficient in Adobe Illustrator and know how to use machines associated with screen printing. Health insurance including dental and vision will be eventually provided.

If applying for jobs online isn't your thing, there will be a fall career fair on Wednesday, Oct. 22 from 9 a.m. until noon at the North Hills Community Outreach offices in Millvale, located at 416 Lincoln Ave.The fair will give job seekers the chance to meet with employers from UPMC, University of Pittsburgh, Rivers Casino, Allegheny Health Network, the Caregiver Connections program of JF&CS and more.

Race to the race exhibit at Carnegie Museum of Natural History before it's gone!

?What is race? This is the question that a traveling exhibit now on view at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History through October 27 seeks to explore. Speaking at the Carnegie Music Hall in conjunction with the exhibition, journalist Michele Norris of NPR fame interrogated the phrase "post-racial society."

"What does post-racial mean to you?" she asked the audience.

"Utopia," shouted one audience member, and everyone laughed.

It's nice to think we have evolved to value the content of character above the color of skin, but the world we live in is far from color blind, as the exhibition "Race: Are we so different?" points out. The exhibition demonstrates the ways in which historic discrimination-- including downgrading credit ratings for non-whites-- led to inequality that persists today.

"Some people still believe that people of different races have different blood," said museum spokeswoman Cecile Shellman, explaining the need for education. "The exhibition does treat that assertion that racism is prejudice plus power," she added. 

The show was organized by the American Anthropological Association in conjunction with the Science Museum of Minnesota, and perhaps its most interesting feature is its Pittsburgh-specific examination of race.

In 1951, the United Steelworkers of America asked the Carnegie Museum of Natural History to create an exhibit that would use scientific evidence to dispel racist misconceptions. This lead to the creation of the museum's 1951 exhibit, "We Humans." The show was incredibly influential and toured from coast to coast in the 1950s. Materials from that exhibit are now on display at the museum and show just how far we have and have not come. They also show the role Pittsburgh played historically in combating racism. 

The museum also re-created a Pittsburghers Speak Up column that ran in the Pittsburgh Courier, asking black Pittsburghers how they felt about race relations. The museum juxtaposed old archival photos by Charles "Teenie" Harris and interviews by George Barbour, in which black Pittsburghers spoke candidly about race with modern updated photographs by Nikkia Hall and interviews by Lynne Hayes-Freeland. People, both then and now, think we have come a long way, but more work must be done.

Help find E.T. in Pittsburgh

There are aliens in Pittsburgh walking among us, according to Mike Zelechowski, who is soliciting support on Kickstarter to raise $703 to help fund his search.

Zelechowski runs aliensearchguide.weebly.com, where he posts "up to date" information about Bigfoot and the aftereffects of alien abduction. Previously, he ran a podcast, but encountered some equipment failures that set him back, causing him to turn to Kickstarter to continue his search.

On his website, he claims to have had his first alien encounter eight years ago, while volunteering to help people affected by Hurricane Katrina. "I believe that extraterrestrials are here on Earth, having met one, and walking among us as we speak," he wrote on his Kickstarter page. People in nearby Kecksburg, Westmoreland County, known for its famous UFO crash, may agree with him. 

Whether Zelechowski can be believed or whether his work should be viewed as fact, fiction or art, the dedication he has to his craft (no pun intended) and his spirit of inquiry is admirable and innovative. He has published an e-book, "Alien Search Guide," which purports to help average people find aliens in their midst. Another e-book, called "Psychic Ghost Stories," may be worth buying since it's only $.99-- and Halloween is just around the corner.

"One basic tenet brings us here today, the search for alien life," Zelechowski writes in the introduction to "Alien Search Guide." "We have a curiosity that cannot be extinguished. We want to know more, we need to know more." With curiosity like that, if aliens are here in Pittsburgh, Zelechowski will be first to find them.

Who's hiring in PGH? Phipps Conservatory, Next Gauge and more!

Each week, Pop City brings you exciting opportunities in Pittsburgh. If you have a job to share, email innovationnews@popcitymedia.com with "Hiring" in the subject line. Here are some choice selections from this week's harvest.

Next Gauge, creators of a smartphone app for truck drivers, is looking to add some tech-savvy folks to its workforce. They are looking for a senior software engineer with experience scaling complex systems, experience using .NET framework and experience with SCRUM development practices. They are also looking for an iOS developer with at least two years of experience and a deep familiarity with Objective-C, Core Services and Cocoa Touch frameworks. They also need a design technologist obsessed with user experience. This person will have more than three years of software development or related experience, a strong understanding of Android and/or iOS development practices and human interface guidelines and experience with one or more of the following: C#, C++, Java or HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript. They are also looking for an Android app developer familiar with Android API (Level 8 and up preferred, Level 14 and up required). This person should have experience in working with scalable Android UI integration, experience with third-party libraries and APIs and experience working with remote data via REST and JSON. For more information or to apply for these positions, email jruiz@nextgauge.com

Phipps Conservatory is also looking for a tech-savvy individual to join their team as the IT manager. The manager is responsible for planning, organizing and executing the organization’s entire IT system including computers, software, telephones and audiovisual components. If you have expert working knowledge of LAN systems and their maintenance and upkeep and great customer service skills, apply! Email cover letter, resume and salary history to hr@phipps.conservatory.org

Know someone who'd be a perfect curator at the Frick Art and Historical Center? They are looking for someone to supervise the upkeep of the mansion and manage the collections of fine arts, decorative arts, textiles, furnishings and historic artifacts. If you have experience in curating and want to have the run of a historic home, check it out. 

If you want to make some noise for the River City Brass Band, they are looking for a part time marketing and development associate to run social media for them and perform graphic design. This person would also work on advertising materials including direct mail campaigns. So if you are a one-stop idea shop with some technical chops, this is the perfect job for you.

Duquesne University pharmacists battle breast cancer with a new compound

Pharmacists at Duquense University have concocted a compound that may provide relief to breast cancer sufferers, according to the university. 

The medication consists of known breast cancer-fighting drug tamoxifen and melatonin, a substance that may decrease the negative impacts of tamoxifen and allow it to be more effective. The dual-acting medicine combats— or could prevent-- breast cancer, according to inventors and Duquesne University Pharmacy Professors Dr. Paula Witt-Enderby, Dr. David Lapinsky and former Professor Dr. Vicki L. Davis.

"If I could invent something that could make someone healthier and have more time with loved ones, then I have accomplished one of my many goals as a scientist and person," said Witt-Enderby. "I, too, have family members who have suffered from breast cancer and have had loved ones pass due to other types of cancer," she added.

According to the pharmacists, when the drugs are put together, their impact seems intensified. “Individually, melatonin and tamoxifen can tackle breast cancer in different ways, so the idea is that if they were appropriately combined into a single medicine, they could potentially synergistically treat or prevent breast cancer by a number of different mechanisms,” Lapinsky said in a statement.

The idea for the drug came from collaborative conversations between Lapinsky, a medicinal chemist, Davis, a breast cancer researcher and Witt-Enderby, a melatonin receptor researcher.

"We followed a multifaceted approach to fighting cancer," said Lapinsky. "We used to think we should only develop one drug to hit one drug target, but cancer cells are just so darn smart, they’ll figure out a way to create resistance," she said. The pharmacists realized they needed to attack cancer in multiple ways in order to achieve effective treatment and prevention.

"The discovery of this compound was so rewarding to me as a professor, scientist and person," Witt-Enderby said, "As someone who is aging, developing drugs that are safe and acceptable to people afflicted with disease is a priority."

The drug is still being tested and has not yet been tried in humans, but preliminary tests with mice show great promise, according to the pharmacists. 
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