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Hey Hey Hockeytown!

The Penguins and Red Wings, Pittsburgh and Detroit-- it's a clash of the Titans. Just please don't mention the Rust Belt. Thanks. The Stanley Cup Finals are also a chance to talk some smack and dish on redevelopment with our sister publication in Detroit -- Model D.

Leadership Pittsburgh Celebrates 25

Leadership Pittsburgh’s 25th Anniversary--No black ties. No speeches. Just a quarter-century of inspired leadership taking Pittsburgh into the future.

New and Improved! Manufacturing in Pittsburgh

Manufacturing in Pittsburgh isn't what it used to be. The highly skilled, highly paid manufacturing jobs today are more technology-oriented and the demand for workers is growing. Harold Miller--who else?-- clues us in.

The Carnegie International: Life On Mars, Here in Pittsburgh

With a longer run and a projected attendance of 250,000, the Carnegie International will draw visitors from around the world -- and tackle some big questions about life and the art of being human. This time, we're all invited to get involved and share our own perspectives. But first, you  gotta see it.

Leadership Series: Patrick Dowd, City Council

Patrick Dowd, young, energetic, impressive, is the host of the first Leadership Salon hosted by cityLIVE! and sponsored by Pop City. As a newly-minted City Councilman, Dowd is an advocate for cost-efficient government and for education as the key to reinvigorating our city.

The Vegetarian's Guide to Pittsburgh

Where to go for great vegetarian and vegan food--from restaurants that feature nothing but, to places revered for their selections. Go forth and eat well!

Pop Star: Judy Robinson

Poet Judy Robinson spearheaded a new book of poetry and photographs celebrating Pittsburgh, Along These Rivers. From emerging poets to stars, it's a fitting tribute to a city known for its literary nature.

Campus Art Galleries: Free, Cool, Waiting for You

Want in on a well-kept secret? Pittsburgh's many schools and universities offer top notch art in galleries that are free and open to the public.

Q&A with Richard Florida: Who's Your City?

In his new book, Richard Florida argues that the world is not flat but spiky, with concentrated areas of activity. In this Pop City interview he tells us why he thinks Pittsburgh is  well-positioned to thrive.

Pop Star: Robert Qualters

Artist Robert Qualters documented a place in transition, the Mon Valley, and the people who not only survived, but prevailed. Want to talk change and hope? Start here.

Red Whittaker is Out of This World

It's a mindblowing proposition. Design a robot to withstand the moon's rocky terrain and temps of 200 degrees while directing it from earth. But if anyone is up to the challenge it's the legendary Red Whittaker and his team from Carnegie Mellon. The prize? $30 million.

Changemaker: Pat Ford

Pat Ford, new head of the Urban Redevelopment Authority, has many goals and an action plan but the bottom line is making Pittsburgh a truly great place to live, work and play.

Angel Investors Bearing Good News

Pittsburgh's new #2 ranking in venture capital growth  will come as no surprise to these angel investors. Based in California, they visited Pittsburgh recently and were wowed by what the region offers. It's just a matter of time, they say, until the big players in VC set up shop here.

Young Entrepreneurs: Choosing Pittsburgh

Thinking like entrepreneurs led three Carnegie Mellon grads to launch two successful companies, both in Pittsburgh. With college students on every corner, affordable office space and a chance to buy a house in your 20s, they had many reasons to stay.

About Us: Pop City

For 100 issues we've reported the good news about Pittsburgh in technology, sustainability, development and arts and culture. Now we take a moment to tell you about us, and answer your most frequently asked questions.
292 Articles | Page: | Show All
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