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Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen.
Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen. | Show Photo

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No Child Leafed Behind: A guide to fun fall things to do

From Soergel's to cemeteries, here are some great places to go with your kids in this fall season.

Cheap and fun things to do with kids in Pittsburgh

The co-founder of Pittsburgh's bargain website clues us in on really fun and inexpensive things for kids in Pittsburgh once the summer ends. From "the coolest place on earth", according to her son, to climbing the walls in a good way, here's a great guide to helping parents have fun without busting the wallet.

Exploring Downtown Pittsburgh in the best possible way: Summer Dreamers

Quick: what's the most colorful building exterior downtown? Your favorite mural? The location of French Street? The building with the most arches? If only we could all go on a fun scavenger hunt like those lucky students in Camp DEC (Design Explore Create), we, too, would learn much more about our city and appreciate it better. Find all the answers and more interesting things about downtown right here.

Hear Me: Kids' voices ringing out

Giving kids a voice is what the Hear Me project is all about and now those youth voices can be heard all over Pittsburgh. From tin cans that you tip to hear stories to storyboxes, it's letting kids have a powerful say. And in some cases, it's already changing things for the better.

Kennywood and Cedar Point Throwdown

How do we compare thee to a summer amusement park? Let us count the ways. New Girl in Town sizes up our beloved Kennywood with the venerable Cedar Point outside of Cleveland and decides who wins in a number of categories, from roller coasters to water rides and of course, food. Potato Patch fries, anyone?

Kids + Creativity + the Master Scaffolder

What happens when you connect the dots and bring a community together around an issue? Quite a bit if you're involved in Kids + Creativity, a group of more than 300 Pittsburgh leaders--with techies, artists, educators and more--working together to spark new ideas, innovative projects and surprisingly cool ways to get things done. All in the name of kids.

The Pittsburgh Promise: Making the Grade

The Pittsburgh Promise takes aim at two of Pittsburgh's toughest problems: the erosion of city population and the subsequent drop in city school enrollment. Here's the deal: if a student graduates with a 2.5 average and a 90% attendance record, that student gets up to $40,000 scholarship to attend college. Now nearly three years old, the bold Pittsburgh Promise is working as an incentive to attract more students, improve student performance and make Pittsburgh look all the better.

Pop Star: Dara Ware Allen

Known as one of the most outstanding advocates for children in the region, Dara Ware Allen is well suited for her position as director of YouthWorks and her role on the board of the Pittsburgh Public Schools. "She lights up when she hears about kids succeeding."

Photo Slide Show: The Future of Pittsburgh

They're the future of our city and in this photo slide show, you can see the diverse and wondrous mix of kids of all kinds who make their home in Pittsburgh, otherwise known as Kidsburgh.

Cool Things for Kids to do in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh offers a wealth of cultural and other activities for kids but on those days when you're not sure what to do, we've got the guide for you. Here's a select offering, from behind-the-scenes tours of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History to a Super Heroes happening at Toonseum.While you're at it, sign up for the new online publication, Pittsburgh is Kidsburgh--published quarterly.

Making the Most of Winter in Pittsburgh

While it's tempting to hole up in a deep freeze, Pittsburghers are a hardier breed. We suggest making the most of the winter season with a list that includes everything from fireside kobe burgers to the hottest tickets in town (except for the Super Bowl that is). 

Q & A: Maxwell King

He just published a new book of poetry and now he's writing a biography about Fred Rogers. Max King, former President of the Heinz Endowments who has done so much to shape our region, answers questions on everything from current projects to what he is most curious about these days (and we couldn't have said it better.)

From Mommy Blogs to Mommy Meetups, Pittsburgh's Online Community

Moms are finding their tribes and a great source of support online through Mommy blogs and meetups with other moms with similar issues. As one blogger writes, no one can prepare you for parenthood. But they sure can help along the way.

Pop Video!: Creative Ideas to Inspire Creative Kids

Creative minds from Carnegie Mellon University, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Disney brainstorm to explore the mind of the child in this short video. The focus is that play is not only fun, but a necessary part of growing up. Watch imaginative minds from all over Pittsburgh come up with some truly creative ideas to spark kids.

Parks and Green Space: Feeling the Love

Parks can solve just about every social problem out there, say experts. Recent research shows what we've long suspected: parks and green space contribute to a healthier and more productive life, from rejuvenating spirits to lowering stress. That's why they make such a great investment for cities and why Pittsburgh should bank on green.
111 Articles | Page: | Show All
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