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Matt Grebis

Starting a business in a down economy

Despite the economic downturn, some brave and young entrepreneurial souls have opened their own businesses in Pittsburgh and are doing quite well, thank you. From new restaurants to combination stores, they're beating the odds--and loving life while they're at it.


Pittsburgh's street art, a yarn of epic proportion

Pittsburgh's street art scene is vibrant, from Andy Warhol flowers as window dressing to yarn bombs on parking meters and bike racks and tin can art on street poles. Just as we were about to ask what's next, a sweater for the Mr. Rogers statue?, a red sweater appeared.


Hear Me: Kids' voices ringing out

Giving kids a voice is what the Hear Me project is all about and now those youth voices can be heard all over Pittsburgh. From tin cans that you tip to hear stories to storyboxes, it's letting kids have a powerful say. And in some cases, it's already changing things for the better.


Pop Filter Hot Pick: It's Dirty Dancing Season at Attack Theatre

Grand-pliés and glam rock: They've danced on stages and everywhere in between--inside art museums, abandoned nightclubs and even shipping containers. Now's your chance to get down (and dirty) with them. So channel your inner Tina Turner or Jack Sparrow and don your most suggestive attire for the always devilish Dirty Ball.


Pop Filter Hot Pick: 24-hour pARTy People in Lawrenceville

This weekend, Art All Night transforms Lawrenceville's historic 19th-century Iron City Brewing complex into a 24-hour showplace for some 1,200 artworks and 35 performances. So just what are you and the other expected 12,000 revelers in for?


More Reasons Why Artists Should Move to Pittsburgh

Two weeks ago we ran the article Top Reasons Why Artists Should Move to Pittsburgh and now, as promised, we present part two. From an abundance of arts funding, to a long history of industry, to an atmosphere of support, here are five more ways Pittsburgh welcomes artists.


Top reasons artists should move to Pittsburgh

We have at least 10 reasons why artists should make their home in Pittsburgh, from the ease of making your mark to the revved-up café culture. We'll outline five reasons here and then five more in a future issue. Got your own reason? We want to hear it.

12 Steps to Making Pittsburgh a National Energy Leader

The crisis is for real but the solutions are right at hand. Pittsburgh has turned the corner as a region that is better withstanding the down economy than many others. What's next for us? How about becoming a national leader in energy solutions? Turns out we have everything it takes. Here's the 12 Steps to making it happen.

New Girl in Town: On Nemacolin and Falling Rock

Did you know there's a new five-star resort near  Pittsburgh? And that no one at Pop City has been there? We've been to Nemacolin, of course, but not the modern and lux Falling Rock with the 24/7 butler service and 10-pillow menu. So off we went with--who else--but New Girl in Town?

Stamping Out Cigarette Butt Litter

If we could remove one thing from Pittsburgh, it might be the cigarette butt litter strewn over our landscape. While unsightly, research now shows that those cigarette butts are also toxic to our environment, polluting our streams and rivers. Here's what some Pittsburgh groups are doing to stamp out the problem.

New Girl in Town: What Pittsburgh Needs

Sure, we have much to appreciate but we can always do better. What does Pittsburgh need? Let's start with four amenities that could enhance our city--how about a living wall since we're already so green?--and raise the quality of life. Then we will continue the discussion after getting your suggestions.

From Dugout Dick to Eco Elvis: Your Environmental Road Trip

Deciding there was a role for him in the environmental movement, Mark Dixon created Your Environmental Road Trip (YERT) and traveled the country searching for innovative green solutions and delivering Pittsburgh's green message. Along the way, he discovered lots of people thinking creatively, including a cave dweller and an Elvis imitator.

Changemaker: Charlie Humphrey

As head of Pittsburgh’s Center for the Arts, Filmmakers, and Glass Center, Charlie Humphrey is taking arts advocacy to a whole new level, getting everyone involved as he battles the recession and deep budget cuts. What do the arts mean to this region? More than you think.

Pop Star: Laura Staniland

In her senior year at Duquesne, Laura Staniland has already started two companies and just snagged a $30,000 MacArthur Young Innovator award. Her proposal? A web-based game teaching kids innovative and effective public policy. Hey, we'll play!

Paris to Pittsburgh Direct: Part Deux

Paris is magical. After winging our way over on the inaugural direct flight, we can tell you how much easier the journey was flying nonstop and why you, too, will fall under this city's spell. Just don't go changing your name.
248 Articles | Page: | Show All
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