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Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen.
Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen. | Show Photo

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Why I moved to Pittsburgh from Brooklyn: Gab Cody

Moving from Brooklyn, NY to Pittsburgh has paid off in spades for the very creative Gab Cody. Lawrencevile, says the creator of the movie Mombies provides space in every sense of the word and views the world as a place where you can make art.

Game-changing architecture in Pittsburgh

Six top local architects name 25 game-changing buildings, from houses and loft developments to restaurants and high-rises.  What architecture catalyzed an area or made us think differently about our town--and ourselves?

What makes a teacher great? Ask the students.

These Pittsburgh kids provide some valuable lessons for teachers, from showing you really care to making learning more fun. Yo, Mrs. Jacquay, Mrs. Barsico and Ms. Saunders, we're talking to you!

Ditching the car. Going for the bike.

Following a national trend, an increasing number of young Pittsburghers are relying less on cars and more on other means of transit, especially bikes. Some are giving up their cars altogether, with no regrets. The stats will surprise you and the stories are hard to resist.

Rebuilding Pittsburgh's Entrepreneurial Economy: Part 4

How hard is it for startup companies to grow and stay in Pittsburgh? While there are advantages, from university research to low overhead to good quality of life, the lack of venture capital and a weak transportation system are challenges. In part four of a seven-part series, we look at companies that have left and some that have stayed and why.

Why you should say hello to strangers in Pittsburgh

Based on a recent experiment in D.C., we set out to see how many people on our streets would respond to a simple greeting. In D.C. it was a paltry 12%. We knew Pittsburgh would do better, but by how much? Find out how we did and why it matters. Then try it for yourself.

Rebuilding Pittsburgh's Entrepreneurial Economy: The talent search

It's easier to recruit top talent to Pittsburgh than it used to be with Google, our great research universities and a growing roster of startups. Recent data shows that Pittsburgh employed computer and information research scientists at more than twice the national rate and nuclear engineers at more than ten times the national rate. So why look elsewhere? In the second of a series, we take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of our talent pool in bolstering our economy.

For the record: Three music-selling stores in Pittsburgh that defy the odds

Are stores that sell music a thing of the past? What would be lost if these cultural spaces were no more, if a kid’s entrance into the community of music was merely a message board? To find out more, this writer stopped by three independent Pittsburgh music stores, still at it despite predictions of their demise.

Dining al fresco in Pittsburgh. Better than ever.

What's new in outdoor dining? We've got the best of the new along with the best of what's been around. It's that time of year. Get outside and enjoy great local dining in some inspired settings.

Rebuilding an entrepreneurial economy: Pittsburgh's next comeback

In the first of a series of articles, read how Pittsburgh is rebuilding its reputation for innovation and entrepreneurial excellence. Despite barriers, investors and entrepreneurs agree Pittsburgh has made tremendous strides in business creation. Technology flows more freely from universities. Economic development agencies actively assist startups. And the city’s image has improved significantly in recent years.

Linda Lane: Keep the main thing the main thing

Linda Lane has a daunting task: shepherding the city’s school district through some of its biggest challenges in history while remaining a hands-on educator.

Best of Brunches in Pittsburgh

Brunch is better than ever in the burgh, from huevos benedictos to Applewood Bacon milkshakes. Just in time for Mother's Day, here's the rundown. Warning: do not read on an empty stomach.

Dozen, rebaked

When it closed last summer, cupcake fans throughout the city mourned. But since re-opening in September under new ownership, Dozen Bakeshop is back with cupcakes and more, including sculpted cakes--think military boots--crafted by a Pittsburgher who was a finalist on the Cake Boss competition.

Only in Pittsburgh: Cyberpunk Apocalypse, a literary lab

Cyperpunk Apocalypse is a one of a kind writers project--the only zine residency program in the US, and the only residency program that puts zinesters, novelists, and comic artists on equal footing. "We’ve grown organically," says its founder, "and consider ourselves a kind of literary laboratory--a place to experiment in a changing world."

New life for old buildings: Adaptive reuse in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is filled with outstanding examples of adaptive reuse, the re-purposing of older properties for a different use. It's cheaper than new development, with easier financing, and usually results in superior projects. From theaters to schools to hospitals, here's a rundown on what's been done and what's left to be re-imagined.
224 Articles | Page: | Show All
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