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Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen.
Downtown Reflections. Photograph by Brian Cohen. | Show Photo

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Huffington features Grable head on education: Be the Jetsons, not the Flintstones

Gregg Behr, executive director of the Grable Foundation (which supports Kidsburgh quarterly), hits the Huffington Post with a piece about the local effort to remake learning, called "When It Comes to Education, Let's Be The Jetsons Not The Flintstones."

Two case studies: how connected educators can transform schools

KQED discusses the innovative ways in which teachers can connect with each other to discover new ways to teach more effectively. One of the people dedicated to this field of work is Kris Hupp, who works for the Cornell School District here in Pittsburgh.

"Figuring out which new teaching practices or pieces of technology might work in a classroom can feel like a full-time job. Lots of educators spend their free time researching new ideas and connecting with other educators, but there are plenty more that find the process confusing and overwhelming. How much easier would it be to have a dedicated staff person whose job is to bring new ideas into the district, support teachers and smooth the way with administrators?

That’s what Kris Hupp does for Cornell School District, a tiny district in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hupp’s official title is 21st Century Teaching and Learning Coach, a job that started out as part of a state grant and has been incorporated into the regular budget. “My district made the investment in my position because they were seeing instructional shifts and a lot of that is this mentality that we’re in it together,” Hupp said.

"The most important thing about his job is to create trust with both teachers and administrators who sometimes find themselves on opposite sides of labor disputes and budget issues, Hupp said. 'Sometimes we’re just negotiators, whether it’s that the administration wants something from a teacher or vice-versa. It really requires a tremendous level of trust.'"

To read the full article, click here.

Pittsburgh's educational maker movement lauded on CNN

Pittsburgh, the Children's Museum, Gregg Behr and the groundbreaking educational work taking place here are all featured in a CNN.com article about the importance of making things in the development of a person's intelligence and attention to detail.

"Jane Werner, executive director of the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, built out a 3,000-square-foot makerspace, what it calls MakeSHOP, and is creating an additional 5,000-square-foot MakeSHOP for kids age 10 and up."

"'Museums can be labs for education reform,' Werner says. 'No one can fail at a museum. Why not experiment with education reform at a museum?'"

To read more about the Maker Movement, click here.

Reimagining education through summer learning programs

With school back in session, now is a wonderful time to reflect on some of the summer initiatives that have kept students engaged in the academic off-season. A recent blog entry on Homeroom, The US Department of Education's blog, features programs from Pittsburgh alongside other inititives in Chicago and the South Bronx. "In Pittsburgh, The Sprout Fund and local community and school leaders shared with us summer programming from the Pittsburgh Kids+Creativity Network, a learning initiative joining more than 100 organizations, including schools, museums, libraries, afterschool programs, community centers, higher education institutions, the private sector, and the philanthropic community."

To read more about Pittsburgh's innovative learning intiatives, click here.

Top 10 rides featured for Idlewild Park as it wins Golden Ticket Award

In honor of Idlewild Park winning yet another major amusement park award, the LA Times features a fun top 10 rides of Idlewild. See if you agree with the order.

Read more here.

5 Things to do in Pittsburgh with kids

Kidsburgh has once again been featured in the media at large, this time by FamilyTravelMagazine.com

"My son and I recently attended a press trip in Pittsburgh, focused on families. I always knew that Pittsburgh, like Boston, is a big sports city, but my knowledge of the city beyond that was pretty limited. It’s not necessarily a spot I would have immediately thought of when planning a family vacation. However, after visiting some of these fabulous things to do in Pittsburgh with kids, I’d definitely recommend a family visit to Pittsburgh. We had such a wonderful time."

Their five favorite spots for kids include the Carnegie Science Center and The Children's Museum.

To read about one woman's adventure with her son, click here.

This traveling mom found much to love in Kidsburgh

Cincinatti Family magazine had a few praises to sing for Kidsburgh on its website this week. "Our astronaut adventure happened at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nicknamed “Kidsburgh,” Pittsburgh delivers fun for families with attractions like the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, the Duquesne Incline, and Kennywood Park, one of the nation’s first amusement parks."

"During our visit, we took in two of the city’s most famous and kid-friendly museums, and enjoyed sightseeing downtown. Once we returned to earth at the Science Center, we explored more about space, by flipping switches and controls in a simulated space station cabin, seeing mild explosions in a show replicating rocket launches, and touching a real meteorite."

To read more about what Kidsburgh has to offer,  click here.

South Hills kids can return to school in style with free backpacks, haircuts

On August 17th, South Hills kids in Pittsburgh will get a head start in their back-to-school shopping.

 "Our Advisory Board had the idea to ask the Mt. Lebanon School District to do a backpack collection and all 10 schools participated," said Major Paul Moore, Salvation Army Pittsburgh Temple Corps Worship and Service Center Commanding Officer. "Model Cleaners graciously agreed to clean the donated packs at no charge.  And, South Hills Beauty Academy has a history of serving our families in need.  It is a win/win for everyone."

Applications will be accepted until Friday, August 9th at (412) 207-2127 or MaryAnne_McFeely@use.salvationarmy.org.  School-age children from preschool through grade 12 who reside in the South Hills area are welcome.

To read more about the backpack giveaway and project, click here.

The work behind child's play at the Carnegie

The New York Times reports on the "Playground Project," the Carnegie Museum's new exhibitional ode to the playground through history in a full-page spread this past Sunday. An excerpt:

"Mounted on plywood panels that suggest the walls of an impromptu recreation room, this jam-packed show uses photographs, film, books, architectural plans and models to illuminate the golden decades after World War II, when cities around the world felt the need to build new play areas in parks and on streets.

"Artists and architects buoyed by the work of child psychologists like Bruno Bettelheim and Jean Piaget reinvented the playground’s look and dreamed up new equipment. Once regarded as a holding area where children could be controlled and contained, by the 1960s the playground was seen as a zone for creative exploration and cognitive development."

To read more about the "Playground Project" and its message, click here.

Pittsburgh, an EdTech Hive and home of the Kids + Creativity movement

Why is Pittsburgh called the "EdTech Hive" in this piece in Education Week? For dozens of reasons, from the recent launch of Hive Pittsburgh to the new TechShop and very popular MakeShop (at the Children's Museum).

"Pittsburgh educators, innovators and organizations have come together to form the Kids+Creativity Network--more than 100 organizations, including public school districts, non-profit groups, libraries, museums, afterschool programs and neighborhood community centers--which is committed to remaking learning in the greater Pittsburgh area."

More than a long and impressive list, the many and varied organizations and activieis are fast becoming a hub that's the envy of other cities.

Read the full piece here.

Food blogger Leah Lizarondo Shannon writes about the food revolution here

"Clearly, Pittsburgh is no stranger to revolutions," writes Leah Lizarondo Shannon. "And so it is only appropriate that Pittsburgh be the first to take on Jamie Oliver’s challenge to create a city-wide Food Revolution. At the One Young World Summit in Pittsburgh on October 2012, seven thought leaders, from different sectors raised their hands and accepted the charge.
While Huntington, WV and Los Angeles, CA were the first cities to experience such a revolution, Pittsburgh, PA is the first city to essentially, lead itself into it.

The revolutionaries are approaching change from different fronts, covering the city in initiatives that range from top-down to totally grassroots. Here are the magnificent seven:..."

Read the full article here.

Pittsburgh with kids: an education in fun

How much fun is Kidsburgh for kids?

Read the story here.

Mr. Rogers quote goes viral in the wake of Newtown tragedy

"As America reeled from the news of the shootings at Sandy Hook, parents looked for a way to explain the unexplainable to their children. But they also needed an explanation for themselves — someone to help process the magnitude of what it means to live in a world where 20 children can be gunned down amid storybooks and crayons.

That person was — and will always be — Fred Rogers, known to children everywhere as Mister Rogers. After 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting shared the children’s television host’s quote about helpers, along with an image of a tiny boy cradling Mister Rogers’ face in his hands, each looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, it began to go viral on Facebook. As of this writing, it has been “liked” more than 48,000 times, and shared more than 88,000 times. It has more than 1,500 comments, many of which echo this sentiment, expressed by Dianne Quigley: “WE can be the helpers...by creating a fabric of love, generosity, understanding and compassion. Smile and help someone today.”

Read the full Washington Post story here.

A family's three day visit to Pittsburgh

"Pittsburgh is a really cool city, unlike any I’ve ever been in before," writes the author who brought her family to town for a three day visit." Read what she has to say about everything from our bridges, which her kids deemed very cool, to the clean and well-lit downtown and the thriving street scene.

Read the full story here.

Pittsburgh's education collaborative lauded

"The Greater Pittsburgh Region is a 21st century model of a creative, collaborative, and connected community committed to creating remarkable learning experiences for children and youth that enhance achievement in science, technology, and the arts.

Researchers, university labs, cultural institutions, and child-serving agencies are working across disciplines to forge dynamic partnerships with educators and administrators of public, private, charter, and virtual school systems, civic leaders, and the burgeoning entrepreneurial private sector focused on technology and media.

With millions of dollars invested, thousands of children and youth engaged, hundreds of dedicated practitioners active in dozens of organizations, and a thriving ecosystem to support and sustain this work, Pittsburgh's approach has yielded tangible results for children, youth, and the community at large..."

Read the full story here.
80 Kidsburgh Articles | Page: | Show All
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